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Bride and Groom Engraved Wood Signs

Custom Laser Engraved wood signs featuring the phrases "Bride" and "Groom". "Groom" will be a bit larger to match "Bride" in size. All sizes listed are approximate. Custom sizes are also available.

Available in 3 Sizes:

8" wide - Bride ( 8" wide x 3.2" tall) and Groom (10.2" wide x 4" tall)

12" wide ($10.00) - Bride (12" wide x 4.9" tall) and Groom (14.2" wide x 5.6" tall)

18" wide (+$20.00) - Bride (18" wide x 7.3" tall) and Groom (21.8" wide x 8.6" tall)

Our products come unpainted and without any mounting hardware. You can view hanging instructions in our FAQ.

Color and grain will vary slightly due to the differences in each wood board used.