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Monogram Etiquette

Monograms are found everywhere you look these days. You can find them on sheets, towels, purses, clothing, iPhone cases--you name it! A monogram is simply a person's initials. However there are different ways to arrange initials for a monogram. Do you need some help figuring out which format is best for you? Then you've come to the right place! 

Here is a simple visual guide that will help you choose the perfect format for your very own custom monogram! 

Single Male and Female Monograms:

What you probably envision when someone mentions initials, you think of the example on the left. First / Middle / Last all in the same size. However, the most traditional way a monogram is formatted is having the Surname in the middle in a larger size for it to be the most prominent letter. 

Female Name Example: Lindsay Kaitlin Novus 

Single Female Monogram Example
Male Name Example: Christopher Theodore Eckhardt 
Single Male Monogram Example
Married Couple Monogram:

There are a few variations when it comes to monograms for married couples.

There is the 'ladies first rule' where the bride’s first name initial is placed first (on the left), the couple's surname initial is in the middle in a slightly larger size and the groom’s first name initial is placed on the right.

The more traditional route that has been seen throughout the ages is with the groom’s name on the left and the bride’s name on the right.

Married Couple Name Example: If Christopher Theodore Eckhardt and Lindsay Kaitlin Novusgot married

Married Couple Monogram Example

Choosing which name goes first varies from couple to couple. It all depends on whether they choose to be more traditional or modern.
Married Woman Monogram Using Maiden Name:
A married woman traditionally chooses to use her maiden name in place of their middle name after marriage. Here is an example where Lindsay Kaitlin Novuschose to use her maiden name after marrying Mr. Eckhardt. 
Married Maiden Name Monogram
Married Woman Monogram Using Middle Name:
If a married women so chooses, she may elect to keep her middle name intact rather than using her maiden name. Here is an example of what Lindsay Kaitlin'smonogram would look like if she chose to keep her middle name after marrying Mr. Eckhardt. 
Same Sex Marriage and Engaged Couple Monogram:
For same-sex marriages, first initials of their last OR first names can be used for a monogram. This also works for engaged couples who have yet to take their spouse's last name. It is tradition that a couple does not combine their monogram until they are joined in marriage.
Engaged / Same Sex Couple Name Example: Pat Thomas and Ryan Mathews 
 Another option is to combine both first and last names into a 4 lettered monogram, as seen below:
Monograms ARE Personal
Everyone will have their own preferences on how they'd like their name displayed. If you are purchasing one of our monogrammed products as a gift, be sure to look into what the recipient's tastes are. Some monograms are more elaborate, others are much simpler. We offer a wide variety to ensure that at least one of our monograms will be right for you or the recipient. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to create a monogram. Focus on fitting the design to their personality and the gift will be a hit!