Prints On Wood

We take your photo or artwork and print it directly to a piece of wood. Your image is printed directly on the the wood with special inks and is cured by UV lights instantly creating a tough durable print that will last for many years. 

The inks are somewhat transparent and the grain of the wood will show through your image. You also must understand that there will be a slight color shift in the colors of your image. This is because the inks are not 100% opaque and therefore the color of the wood shows through. Your photos will have a "warmer" feel to them as they will have more yellow in them due to the wood color. If you choose to have a white underbase, your photo's colors will be much truer. The white underbase prints a layer of white ink before your image is printed to the wood. While this option gives you richer, more true colors, one sacrifice is the wood grain will not show through.