Friday Favorites- Easy Upgrades

We all have it, that ugly piece of furniture that we just can’t get rid of. Whether it be sentimental reasons, cost issues, or you just can’t find anything that will do the job quite as well as that ugly duckling, the eyesore can start to wear on you. WAIT before you toss it out into the cold. Many times dated furniture can be upgraded with some very inexpensive tricks and a little imagination. Here are some of our favorite ways to upgrade your home decor without breaking the bank.

Nifty Knobs 



Quite easily the best advice I’ve received when it comes to upgrading furniture: switch out hardware! Such a simple and inexpensive trick that can quickly turn your out of date dressers into fashionable furnishings. You can pick up trendy knobs just about anywhere these days but we love these budget friendly DIY tutorials.

Chic Shades



If your like me,  you probably have an ordinary lamp with an ordinary lampshade that serves a very necessary purpose. Those boring lamp shades serve as a wonderful canvas to create a unique piece. Bring a corner to life by using complimentary colors, interesting patterns, or my favorite… an old sweater (photo 1!).

Table Top Transformation

table top


Good desks are hard to find. Good desks that you actually like looking at and fit in with your home decor, nearly impossible. While painting is always a great option, these DIY ideas will add a little something extra and get you excited to sit down and work.

Mirror Makeover



I’ve had the pleasure of living in some less than upscale apartments over the years and I can tell you that the most impressive upgrade I’ve seen is disguising an ugly unframed bathroom mirror! This can bring your whole bathroom decor together and can save tons (have you looked at mirror prices lately?!) Also a great way to bring some extra lighting into dimly lit bathrooms.

We hope these upgrade ideas have helped you hold off on pressing ‘Buy Now’ on that new shiny piece of furniture! With a little of do it yourselfing, that old eyesore can become your newest treasure.

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